Creative Writing Prompts

In my opinion, the use of creative writing prompts to improve literary works may be more effective when used with a memory exercises known as Luminosity.

Creative writing prompts are phrases designed to ignite a creative spark. An example of some creative writing prompts is:

” When I was alone in the woods that night…

” The morning of the first snowfall….

” I saw a fire start in the garbage can below….

There are other writing prompts commonly used. Some are personal, persuasive, expository, narrative and literary- based. Obviously these prompts are helpful when composing non-creative works. Persuasive prompts are effective in business settings such as sales presentations or even political speeches.

But whatever writing prompt is used, it can only be effective when applied to a healthy, cognitive brain. Luminosity produces stronger memory, attention span, flexibility, speed and problem solving functions.

Experts in the area of cognition define the characteristics of luminosity as follows:


  • Recalling the location of objects
  • Learning new subjects quickly and accurately
  • Keeping track of several ideas at the same time
  • Remembering names at the first introduction


  • Concentrating while learning something new
  • Avoiding distractions
  • Improving productivity and precision at work or home
  • Maintaining focus on important tasks all day


  • Avoiding errors
  • Thinking outside the box
  • Communicating clearly
  • Multi-tasking quickly and efficiently


  • Adapting to changing environments
  • Reacting quickly
  • Decision-making in time-sensitive situations
  • Speeding up cognitive processes
  • Problem solving
  • Dissecting complex arguments
  • Calculating figures in your head
  • Determining the best course of action
  • Making quick and accurate estimations

Luminosity is improved by playing brain games which can be purchased online. These games are training exercises and may be practiced on a daily basis. While there is no hard research to prove that such brain games will improve creativity or gradually reduce the need to use creative writing prompts such a conclusion appears to be somewhat logical.

One common misconception about the brain and its creative function is that creativity cannot be developed if you are more inclined to learn with the left -side of the brain, which controls logical, mathematical, analytical and verbal skill functions. According to researchers, most of us learn on either the left-side or right side of the brain —-imaginative, intuitive —- but the development of creativity or logic is not hampered by a tendency to be dominant in either control function.

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